How to connect domain with Shopify

Updated on 25-Nov-2021 in Domains

This article will take you through how you can connect your domain with Shopify store. Along with the setup, the article will also help you how you can setup email accounts for the same domain and also use other subdomains of the same domain if needed.

Connecting a domain to Shopify (using DNS Management)

If you only have domain name & doesn't have cPanel hosting, you can go to DNS management section from domain area in Easyhost's customer account area.

Please follow the following setups:

  • Setup domain name servers as below (these nameservers enable your domain to use Free DNS management)
  • Setup an A record (@) pointing to IP address
  • Setup CNAME with www record pointing to

The above settings will ensure the main domain along with www version routes to Shopify. Please note, this will connect your domain but you cannot use email accounts or other subdomains for the same domain unless you connect to external email or hosting providers.


Connecting a domain to Shopify (using cPanel)

If you are looking to use your domain with Shopify but want to create email accounts and other subdomain (or are looking to setup a subdomain with shopify i.e. - this is preferred approach.

Order web hosting from Easyhost (this will include Free Domain name). Once the hosting account is setup, you will be able to connect domain to Shopify and can also use the hosting to create emails & setup different subdomains.

To connect to Shopify from within cPanel, follow the steps:

  • Login to cPanel
  • Go to zone editor
  • Setup an A record (@) pointing to IP address
  • Setup CNAME with www record pointing to

If you need a subdomain to point to Shopify, update the CNAME and A record with the exact subdomain route.

To understand how zone editor works, you can read the article that shows how to add zone records for your website in cPanel.

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