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Updated on 25-Nov-2021 in Payments & Refunds

Easyhost offers 30 days no questions asked money back (refund) policy for select web hosting plans. Below are the steps and guidelines:

How to request refund

In order to request a refund, customer is required to raise a support ticket requesting cancellation of the service and our team will further assist the process.

How much time does it take to process refund

Once the refund request is received, it takes up to 7 business days to process the refund.

What is the refund calculation process

Easyhost offers free domain with various web hosting plans, for which the customers are not charged in the initial invoicing. If the customer requests are refund on or before 30th day, we will refund the service amount in full, less the domain charges - since the domain is registered and will be available to customer for use till the end of expiry (customer may choose to transfer the domain or to update it DNS for use with other hosting service).

Refund methods

Refunds are process through the following:

  • If the invoice was paid through credit/debit card - amount will be refunded at source (additional time maybe taken by your bank to reflect the refund amount on your statement once refund is processed)
  • If the invoice was paid through bank, digital wallets or remittance - amount will be refund into local PKR bank account (please include your details in your cancellation request)

Incase of queries related to refunds, please open a support ticket and you will be assisted further.

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