Setup FREE SSL (https) for your website

Updated on 25-Nov-2021 in Security & Backups

Easyhost offer's free SSL (https) for it's customers with all web hosting plans. SSL is automatically installed on all websites hosted with us (please note, SSL can only be installed once DNS has propagated to nameservers specified for your hosting account.

Why you should have SSL (https) on your website:

  • Google prefers sites with https - increases your chances of great SEO results
  • Secure communication between browser & the server - modern day websites are prone to attacks and SSL ensures the communication to & from the customers browser is secured & encrypted
  • Makes it easy for customers to trust your site - this is basic check any customer would do before putting in their login details or card details
  • Avoid not secured message on your website - most browsers now popup not secured tag for sites without SSL

Easyhost ensures SSL is installed and renewed automatically from backend, so customers don't have to worry about reaching support team. You can check web hosting plans here.

Remember, SSL is included with hosting server (and not with domain), if you have a domain name registered with Easyhost but are using a different hosting provider - you will have to contact hosting provider for SSL.

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