How to configure redirects in cPanel

Updated on 25-Nov-2021 in Web Hosting

URL redirects are configured to direct users to another URL or web page. The functionality is used for many purposes, some examples are given below for understanding:

  • Short URL redirecting to a long one, this is common case where you have a long URL and a short and easy to remember URL is setup for customers. Customers with the short URL, land eventually on the end destination set.
  • Temporary redirects if you are running AB testing or the main site is under maintenance.

Here are the steps to follow in order to configure redirect in cPanel:

  • Login to cPanel
  • Go to redirects section
  • Select the redirection type: 301 for permanent, 302 for temporary

Redirection type sends the status code to browsers and web crawlers to know what type of redirection is set. Each has a different impact on SEO results.

  • Select domain and path that you want to redirect
  • Select wild card checkbox to enable wild card redirection on the URL

Wildcard redirect route the all files in the directory to the same route on the end URL configured to be redirected to. This is particularly useful in cases when an application or website is moved to new domain name.

  • Click add and your redirection configuration is complete.

Please make sure to test your redirection in the browser and using HTTP status code and redirection checker. You can also view all redirects configured in your account and can delete them if required.

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